Performance Lab® Energy Review

Performance Lab® Energy Review [Updated 2020]

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By Paul Gardner

Fed Up With Feeling Mentally and Physically Tired? Let A Lift With Performance Lab® Energy!

If you are like most people you will get those days when you feel simply worn out, both physically and mentally fatigued, you might want to read this article. 

The latest product from supplement gurus Performance Lab® is an all encompassing energy and motivation booster simply called Performance Lab® Energy.

If you have lost your ‘get up and go’ this could be the key to your energy and performance woes. 

After all, feeling energised, both mentally and physically helps you to get more from your day, you can think more clearly, be more focussed and able to concentrate for longer and be able to complete intricate tasks with ease.

“The Fact Is That You Cannot Perform At Your Best While Mentally and Physically Tired”

Looking at our brain for instance, mental tiredness can be attributed to a number of things. A reduction in certain neurotransmitters (acetylcholine is a classic example) for instance can cause reduced memory, slower reaction times, a lack of attention and poor moods.

Other causes of mental fatigue can include reduced levels of a compound called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This is the main source of energy to our brain cells including the mitocondria. 

Studies have even suggested that reduced levels of ATP could be key indications of some neurological diseases.

In simple terms should our brain be lacking in key nutrients that feed and nurture our brain cells its likely that we will feel fatigued with both physical and mental capabilities being noticeably reduced.

The correct blend of nootropic ingredients can help boost our energy levels, helping us to speed through our day, getting the best out of whatever we do.

What Should A Good Energy Boosting Supplement Contain?

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For most of us, when we feel tired, we reach for something high in caffeine, a coffee or an energy drink. 

We have been led to believe that caffeine gives us the energy boost that we need. This is a false impression – 

The facts are that caffeine and similar stimulants do not actually boost energy levels – it simply makes us feel less tired – and there is a difference.

I Will Try And Explain It

Caffeine and similar stimulants are adenosine antagonists – Adenosine is a natural by-product produced by the energy delivered to the mitochondria by ATP. 

As it builds up in our body it signals the body to start winding down and shutting down for the day, getting us ready for sleep. What caffeine does is to slow down this process, delaying our need for sleep.

To be able to get a real energy boost we need to do more than simply delay our need for sleep. What we need to do is to take onboard the correct nutrients that will actually boost our energy production levels. 

Performance Lab® Energy is perfect for this – it has been proven to help by:

  • Boosting the energy production of the ATP in our brain
  • Not contain any stimulants
  • Maximise the nutrients found in our diet
  • Provide clean energy production without the unpleasant crash linked to stimulants
  • Boost the number of mitochondria in the brain cells
  • Be safe, natural and legal.

its always been hard to find any energy boosting supplement that didn’t rely on the misleading effect of stimulants that essentially tricked us into feeling energised. 

But now its clear just what caffeine does to us, it makes it easier to try and avoid its use.

My favourite nootropic supplement is Mind Lab Pro, made by Opti Nutra I have taken it for the past few years, and I love the way that it has helped me boost my memory, focus and attention to detail.

I have learnt a lot about the company and trust them and their products completely. I was really happy to hear that they were the guys behind the Performance Lab rage of products – A complete range of supplements that target virtually all aspects of our health and well being.

Wirth products aimed at helping our sleep, mind, vision, alongside effective weight control supplements and a very effective list of sports supplements, I was really happy to see their product Performance Lab® Energy.

It has been developed to help boost and maintain cellular energy levels throughout the brain and body. It works by encouraging the body to use fat found in our food and fat stress and a source of additional fuel for energy. 

What this does is provide a clean source of powerful energy without those unpleasant crashes that you can experience with products rich in caffeine or other stimulants.

AS a direct result,your physical and mental energy reserves are kept topped up, reducing fatigue and boosting your performance throughout the day.

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What Is In Performance Lab® Energy

The formula in Performance Lab® Energy is a cleverly developed list of essential energy boosting nutrients:

Coenzyme Q10 100mg (Microactive® q10)


Coenzyme is a fat soluble vitamin that is crucial for the energy flow between cells in the body. In the brain it is located in the Mitochondria where it forms part of the energy chain that produces ATP.

When it oxidises, it accepts other molecules from the chain that transforms it into something called Ubiquinol. In this form is helps to remove environmental toxins (AKA Free Radicals) that cause oxidative stress and damage to the brain cells.

The prices of getting older all with certain drugs can also reduce the levels of CoQ10 in our body, which can cause reduced memory, that common feeling of brain fog, reduce sinking and can even cause migraines too.

Taking supplements containing CoQ10 has been proven to slow and in many cases stop the decline in the function of our mitochondria

Now every day CoQ10 has a limited bioavailability  which basically means that our body finds it hard to beak down and process. Its natural cells are rather large which makes them hard to absorb, and its also fat soluble which means its not easy transported around the digestive system.

The form of CoQ10 found in Performance Lab® Energy has been selected especially for its improved absorption and bioavailability. 

Studies that looked at Microactive® Q10 have confirmed that its one of, if not THE most effective form of CoQ10 available anywhere.

PQQ 10mg (BioPQQ®)

PQQ (AKA Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) is essential to the life of our cells, it has a two prong ability in that it can help produce new mitochondria as well as increase the function of existing mitochondria. ( I explained earlier in this article the importance of mitochondria and their role in providing is with cellular energy.

The brain has more Mitochondria than any other part of our body, and in simple terms, the more mitochondria that we have available, the greater levels of energy being produced for our cells to help our body and brain function.

PQQ is also known to help boost the growth of neurons in the brain, it boosts production NGF (Nerve Growth Factor)which is crucial to the upkeep, repair and regeneration of our brain cells.

Its final benefit is that it is a powerful anti oxidant, by removing free radicals (every day toxins) it enables our cells to function at optimum levels

PQQ is especially effective when taken alongside CoQ10 and is instrumental in providing our mind and body with the extra energy it needs to get the best from our day.

The BioPQQ® found in Performance Lab® Energy has been proven to be the most science backed and bioavailable form of PQQ in the world.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine 750mg (ALCAR)


A crucial amino acid that is essential for our muscle energy function and metabolism. It helps to control metabolism inside our cells including those found in muscle tissue.

Long Chain fatty acids cannot pass through our mitochondrial membranes without ALCAR being present.. It helps to transport them into the mItochondria where they are required for the production of energy, feeding our cells tp provide both mental and physical energy.

ALCAR has several functions, it takes fatty acids into the mitochondria to provide fuel, it then removes the by-products including any toxins and oxidants.

It also helps  to form something known as Acetyl CoA. This is crucial for the synthesis of a key neurotransmitter called acetylcholine which is key to our memory, our alter ness and fluidity of thoughts.

Studies held in Italy have demonstrated the role that ALCAR plays in the development of new Neurites, these help to boost the signalling and transition of thoughts and other messages between cells in the nervous system.

Another key study followed over 120 subjects, all had been given ALCAR in supplement form. The results all records noticeable improvement in mental performance, memory, attention span and basic cognitive functions.

It has proven anti oxidant effects and also reduces the effects of stress on our mitochondria.

The  ALCAR form of Acetyl-L-Carnitine found in Performance Lab® Energy is the most bioavailable form currently known.

R-Lipoic Acid 150mg (Bio-Enhanced®NaRALA)

R-Lipoic acid

A form of lipid acid that is common to our body, it is a co-fator of the mitochondria enzymes use in the production of cellular energy.

It increases the production of key neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine by boosting glucose uptake and activating choline acetlytranserase. This increases the amount of Acetyl-CoA which in turn helps boost levels of acetylcholine.

Being both water and fat soluble it can work both inside and outside the bodies cells, it helps to boost and regenerate key antioxidants ( such as CoQ10, Vitamins E and C) to help them work time and time again. 

It is super efficient at doing what it does, it boosts energy levels in our cells, reducing any cellular inflammation and clearing toxins.

Its effects do not stop there however, it can also guard against the onset of type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity, it can also reduce the risk of certain metabolic conditions that could lead to weight gain and certain cardiovascular diseases.

The form of R-Lioic Acid in Performance Lab® Energy is Bio-Enhanced ® Na-RALA. This is the sodium salt form which has been processed to clear all impurities. Its absorption rate has been proven to be superior to all other forms of Lipoic acid.

Piperine 2,5mg (BioPerine®)


Extract of black pepper, plays a crucial role in that it helps increase both the absorption and effectiveness of the active ingredients in Performance Lab® Energy.

On its own its an effective anti oxidant, and is also very effective at reducing the effects of stress on the body. Clinical trails have shown that its actually just as effective as the prescription drug Prozac

BioPerine is a highly purified form of black pepper extract that has been standardised to no less than 95% pure pipeline.

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The Capsules

The capsules in Performance Lab® Energy (in fact the entire product range) are Plantcaps. They are made from a material called Pullulan which is a form of tapioca. There are no animal products, soy or other products used in the capsules, which makes them suitable for vegans.

They break down immediately on swallowing to allow fast passing of the nutrients into the blood stream. They are infused with a prebiotic compound that speeds and supports digestion.

This form of capsules are far ore expensive to manufacture and use, but Performance lab® swallow a lot of the cost (excuse the pun) to help make their supplements suitable for all, regardless of dietary preferences or any possible food allergies.

How To Take Performance Lab® Energy

The suggested dose is two capsules per day. The makers do tell us that you can double up to 4 per day during periods of intense fatigue

performance lab energy capsules

What To Expect From Performance Lab® Energy

The clever formula in Performance Lab® Energy should deliver some noticeable improvements in energy levels, wakefulness and mental awareness.

Users have reported some noticeable improvements in clarity, stamina, clear thinking and overall well being.

Most love the clean energy boost and the fact that they do not experience any of those nasty ‘crashes’ so often experienced with stimulant based products.

The most common report is that they find their memory and attention increased dramatically, along with their moods and attention to detail.

As a welcome by-product, if you are a man, you should also benefit from improved erection strength ( a side benefit of taking ALCAR).

How Much And Where To Buy Performance Lab® Energy In Australia

performance lab website

Performance Lab® Energy is available to buy worldwide direct from the official website. A months supply will cost you AU $60 ( UK £40).

You can save 5% when you buy 2 bottles and 10% when you buy 3 or more.

The makers ship worldwide (with a very few exceptions) by trackable shipping methods and delivery is fast and discreet.

They also offer buyers a full 30 day cash back guarantee. 

If you buy and take Performance Lab® Energy as directed for 30 days and find that it doesn’t deliver the effects you want, simply return the empty bottle for a full refund of your purchase price.

My Final Thoughts

Maybe I am a little biased as I know and trust the makers of Performance Lab® Energy because of my experiences with Mind Lab pro. 

But I have to tell you that after really looking at this product in great depth, its apparent that they have really studied the problem and have in Performance Lab® Energy delivered a really effective supplement that boosts both metal and physical energy without any of the unpleasantness associated with stimulant based products.

Whats more is stacks really well with their other products.

If you want to get that boost to mind and body, its well worth a try!!

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The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended in any way to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.