Now Choline and Inositol Review

 Now Choline and Inositol Review 

The brain’s health is just as important as that of the body – after all, the brain controls everything the body says and does!

Looking after your brain, then, is critical, as doing this means that everything from your memory, confidence and concentration to reflexes and mental clarity are on tip-top form.

71NvrfDen2L._SL1500_Luckily there are stacks of supplements out there can help, some supporting and enhancing overall brain health with a blend of brain-friendly ingredients, and others focusing on specific areas and neurotransmitters in the brain. Now Foods Choline and Inositol is one of the latter – let’s see how it works.

What’s in Now Choline and Inositol’s Formula?

Simple is the trick with this one – each pill contains 250mg of both choline and inositol.

But what does this actually mean?

For starters, Choline is vital to overall brain health and activity, and metabolises with fatty acids in the liver as a key body function. It’s also the precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine  – this supports a range of important cognitive and cerebral roles like muscle control and memory.

Inositol, meanwhile, plays an integral role in the overall health of the brain and nervous system.

Directions for Use

The makers prefer to leave the actual dose up to the individual user – Take between one and three capsules once a day, preferably with food.

User Feedback

This product is backed up by a succession of positive reviews and happy feedback. A number of people report huge advancements in both short and long term memory and mental clarity. It has also successfully helped any people banish negative thoughts, improved quality of sleep and helped users with numerous other ailments including hair loss.

Not everything is positive, though – some people have used this product as directed and have experienced no results at all, and others say that while the product does enhance memory, this is in a more subtle way than expected. A further criticism is the unpleasant smell of the product.

sample reviews courtesy of amazon


Side Effects

There are also several side effects associated with this product. A number of people cite reactions including headaches, anxiety, dizziness, loss of balance, nightmares and even depression.

Where to Buy Now Choline and Inositol 

There are plenty of options here –  you can pick up this supplement at,,,, and

While prices vary depending on the retailer, a benchmark price is around $16.00 for a bottle containing 100 pills.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

We’ve looked at a range of Now nootropic supplements and can’t seem to find a money-back guarantee offered with any of them..

Our Thoughts

We have no doubting the nootropic viability of Choline and the dose of 250mg found in this product is excellent…. its known for its ability to help boost the passing of signals across the brain cells and neurotransmitters…. On the flip side, Inositol doesn’t appear (in our opinion) to offer much by the way of nootropic effects… its actual key use is in the treatment of women suffering with  polycystic ovarian syndrome.

It can however have antidepressant effects when taken in large doses ( between 6 and 14g* daily) .. however with the dose of Inositol in this product a rather lowly 250mg, it certainly appears that there is not enough of it in the mix to offer any real brain boosting benefits.

*This dose can be reduced down to around 4-5g daily if you take inositol in soft gel form instead of the powder form found in this product..

Overall – we find this product rather weak in its formulation which does mean that any benefits could be quite minor and not particularly far reaching..

Quite simply there are better products out there….

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