Natural Stacks MycoMIND Review

Natural Stacks MycoMIND : Effective Brain Booster?

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Our brain function, and cognitive performance can be effected by many things, age, stress and our general health can all play their part. 

This is where natural nootropic supplements play their part, a good product helps to strengthen and boost the brains function, protecting it from toxins, and reducing stress, anxiety and other cognitive problems.


Natural Stacks MycoMIND is such a product, its makers (Queensland based Natural Stacks) claim that it has been formulated to help users by naturally enhancing their brain function, boosting thinking, memory and learning.

But How Good Is This Nootropic? Does It Live Up To Its Claims?

Lets Take A Look..

The Formula In Natural Stacks MycoMIND

The formula in Natural Stacks MycoMIND is made up of just two ingredients:

  • Lions Mane Mushroom Extract 100mg
  • PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) 10mg

More Details

Lions Mane Mushroom 

lions mane mushroom

An established ingredient in eastern traditional medicine. It has proven nootropic effects that help by providing neuroprotective properties and boosting high level congntituve function.

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) BioPQQ


BioPQQ is the most purest extract of PQQ know to man, it is a vitamin type polyphenol with excellent antioxidant properties which reduce the effects of free radicals, promoting health, growth and function of the mitochondria in the brain.

The supplement is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, its capsules are made using only plant based products.

How To Take Natural Stacks MycoMIND

The daily dose is 2 capsules per day. for improved effects you can increase this dose to twice a day.

Users Reviews

Amazon – One of the two suppliers does have a number of testimonials from buyers, it has to be said that most are positive with a couple that report no results whatsoever. 

One thing that I have found with Amazon is that they have been known to use professional reviewers to prepare positive feedback in return for free or discounted products. 

I am not saying that these reviews are inaccurate or indeed, fabricated, but it has to be taken into consideration when people are effectively paid for their feedback.

Elsewhere, there is a distinct lack of independent feedback out there. If I come across any I will post details here.

Reported Side Effects?

There have been no side effects reported

Where To Buy Natural Stacks MycoMIND

As mentioned above, there are 2 sources, Amazon and the official Natural Stacks Website.

Prices tend to vary, from Amazon you will pay around $49.95. Buying direct is cheaper, at $39.95 for one bottle. there are savings to be had for buying 3 ($35 per bottle) or 6 ($32 per bottle).

Buying direct will also afford you the protection of a 30 day cash back guarantee (not applicable to orders placed with Amazon)

Final Thoughts

effects of MycoMIND

This is a very simple yet cleverly constructed nootropic supplement. Its two ingredients have proven benefits that will help boost cognitive function and help maintain overall brain health.

Its not the most powerful nootropic out there, there are for sure some better nootropic products  (click) that have a more rounded balanced formulas and perhaps offer a wider scope of results and benefits, but speaking as I find its not a bad nootropic at all…

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It doesn't matter what walk of life you are from,wether you are at school, at work or retired,... we can all benefit from improved memory and the ability to concentrate, learn and recall facts easier and faster.. This is 6a00d834e520e953ef01538e7b7128970b-1-300x225where natural nootropic supplements can help.

A good natural Nootropic supplement can promote brain health, help speed the learning processes, enable you to remember facts faster and with ease...

As we get that little bit older our cognitive brain function can start to reduce , nootropics can help slow that process and enable us to remember more, and both think faster and clearer for longer..

Wether you are a student, a sportsperson, a high flying workplace professional, in fact anybody.. we can all benefit from taking a natural nootropic supplement.

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