Hunter FOCUS Nootropic Review

Hunter FOCUS Nootropic Review [Updated for 2021]

Hunter FOCUS : The New Kid on The Block, But Just How Good Is It?

hunter FOCUS Australia

I am always excited when supplement manufacturers Roar Ambition release something new, their best selling range of products already includes Testofuel (Testosterone booster), Instant Knockout (Fat Burner) and 4 Gauge (Pre workout).

Their new range falls under the name of Hunter – it includes a Fat burner ( called BURN) a Testosterone Booster (called TEST) and the subject of this review, a brain boosting nootropic supplement simply called FOCUS.

Containing 9 potent nootropic ingredients, FOCUS has been formulated with the aim of boosting focus, keeping your sharp, aware and ahead of the game.

  • Gives You That Mental Edge – Be One Step Of Your Rivals And Peers
  • Improved Performance – Reach Those Goals, Hit Those Targets
  • Solve Problems – Think Clearly, Meet Challenges, Be More Creative
  • Be Successful – Perform At Your Best In Whatever You Do

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What Makes Up The FOCUS Formula?

hunter FOCUS Formula

Roar Ambition have really done their research with this product, they have chosen 9 scientifically proven nootropic ingredients that not only help boost overall cognition, they also help promote brain health too.

Unlike too many makers in this industry, they do not hide their formulas behind undisclosed proprietary blends, here they fully disclose both the name and just how much of each ingredient is in the mix.

Each daily serving contains:

  • Lions Mane Mushroom 500mg
  • Citicoline 250mg
  • AShwagandha 300mg
  • Passion Flower 250mg
  • Bacopa Monnieri 200mg
  • NALT ( N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) 200mg
  • L-Theanine 200mg
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract 100mg
  • Phosphatidylserine 100mg

Looking At Some Of The Key Ingredients In More Depth

Lions Mane Mushroom

lions mane mushroom

Hugely popular in traditional medicines, generally found in North America, its largely used in the treatment of cholesterol and blood sugar issues.

It has been shown in trials to help boost nerve growth factor secretions, this allows the formation of new neurons, which helps to increase cognitive functions and protect brain health

Bacopa Monnieri

bacon monnieri

A fixture in Indian Ayurvedic medicines, it contains a natural alkaloid known as bacopasaponins that is recognised for its ability to help increase the forming and retention of memories.

It is an excellent antioxidant too that helps reduce the cellular damage caused by every day toxins


PS nootropic

A natural protein that is always present in our brain, it can also be found in certain foodstuffs.

It has the ability to cross the brain/blood barrier which makes it highly effective as a nootropic compound.

Great at reducing the effects of stress on our brain, it can also help calm periods of restlessness and is also thought to help treat cases of ADHD.

It is also known for its ability to help repair and protect neurons helping them to regenerate which speeds the thought process.

Maritime Pine Park

maritime pine bark

A very powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the damage caused by free radicals ( the everyday toxins in the environment tat can cause cellular damage and slow the processing of thoughts and the ability to focus and concentrate.

Also help to boost levels of nitric oxide, which dilated blood vessels, allowing for improved oxygen flow which delivers essential oxygen and nutrients through the brain

Finally – NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine


An essential amino acid that helps encourage the teases of certain neurotransmitters including epinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. Without these our brains would not be able to function at its best.

Taking Hunter FOCUS

The makers recommend a daily serving of 4 capsules, you can take these all at once with breakfast (always take with a glass of water too).

Alternatively you can take 2 at breakfast and two with lunch – personally I think this is the better way, it allows for a more constant supply of nutrients into the body through the day.

Hunter Focus FAQ

Q Who Makes Hunter Focus

A Hunter Focus is made by Roar Ambition – One of the UK’s most reputable supplement manufacture with a global reputation for making quality supplements. Their range includes the testosterone booster Testofuel, Instant Knockout fat burner, Prime Male Low T supplement and 4 Gauge Pre-workout

Q Who Can Take Hunter Focus?

A Hunter Focus is suitable for virtually anybody, male or female, we would probably say from the age of 16. It can help students who are studying for exams, Workplace professionals, Executives, Doctors, and other essential emergency staff who often have to work and think fast and clearly in very stressful circumstances.

Q Is Hunter Focus Safe?

A Absolutely, Focus has been cleverly formulated with 4, pure, all natural ngredientd that will not cause any side effects of adverse reactions.
I would add, however, that if you have any allergies, or are taking any long term medication that you discus with your doctor before taking this OR any other supplement

Q Do the makers ship worldwide?

A Yes, with a few exceptions the makers will send orders of Hunter Focus to most destinations worldwide. They ship daily to Australia, Canada, The US, UK, EU and most of Asia

Q Tell Me About The Cash Back Guarantee

A Roar Ambition take such a pride in their products and want their customers to be 100% happy with their purchase. They ask you to buy and try Focus for 60 days, if after that period you are unhappy with the results, you can return any empty bottles for a full refund with no questions being asked.

Most manufacturers do not offer a cash back guarantee, and the few that do tend to keep the period much shorter at 14-30 days maximum – the guarantee offered with Focus is more than the industry norm and probably the longest of any nootropic that we have reviewed.

Q Can I Take Hunter Focus Alongside Other Natural Supplements

A Yes, the all natural formula will work well with most other natural supplements. As I mentioned above – if you are taking long term medication however, check with your doctor first

Where To Buy Hunter FOCUS

Hunter Official Website

You can buy direct from the official website (click here)

A months supply will cost you $75.00 plus a small shipping charge ( please note you can choose to pay using your local currencies too, these include £, EUR, CAD, AUD)

If you buy 2 bottles you get FREE shipping ( US and UK only)

Buy 3 Bottles, get a 4th Bottle FREE and FREE Worldwide Shipping

Results Or Your Money Back

The makers also provide a 90 day cash back guarantee, if after take for 90 days you are unhappy with the results, simply send back the empty bottles for a full refund (see t&c’s at official website)

Hunter range of products

My Final Thoughts On Hunter FOCUS

Anything made by Roar Ambition gets my vote, they are well respected in the industry for the way they approach product development and formulation.

In FOCUS they have delivered a potent, and effective brain boosting nootropic that will benefit anybody who wants to get that mental edge in life. I have researched many products and this one is right up there – its hard to beat.

Another thing to mention, All Hunter products have been designed to work alongside each other, so its well worth checking out the entire range.

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